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family dynamics and neuroplasticity

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All families deserve to live

intentionally, meaningfully, and peacefully.

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Welcome to the Skepsi Blog!

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Research-based support for the most important relationships in your lives.

A warm welcome to you.

My name is Evie Mpras, and I am the owner of Skepsi, LLC. I'm completing graduate studies in Marriage and Family Therapy, abreast of the most current research on couples & family dynamics and neuroplasticity.

This blog is a resource I offer families to practice reflection, and exercise decision making and behavioral patterns. Examine the latest research on human potential with me here! It will be accessible and compassionate with plenty of pragmatic suggestions.

I am a wife of eight years to my woodworking, rocker husband Niko, and a mother to a cat loving, ballet dancing 4 year-old girl named Fay.

Starting a family opened me up to personal transformation

and lit my curiosity about human potential and relationships.

Personal transformation is hard-trust me, I know. I was motivated to take those steps for my family and I expect other parents feel the same. I am here to help children and parents through that process.

I want to help families understand:

Our past and present do not determine our future.

Our mind has the limitless capacity to change its structure and associations.

We can choose how we want to live.

From "skepsi" or reflection, we can find peace.

How often do you find yourself thinking self-defeating thoughts?

How often do you find yourself reacting on auto-pilot to life events, big and small?

Do relationships and struggles with loved ones feel overly complicated and impossible at times?

The peace that comes reflection allows us to act more intentionally, so we can live, love and connect with our families the way we really want.

I can think of no greater privilege than to help others relieve torment, find meaning, and deepen connections with loved ones.

We are all in this together.

I develop innovative activities and projects to empower children and families:

My E.I. Activity is a children's Emotional Intelligence interactive activity for parents, therapists, and educators debuting in March 2019.

I am also writing a series of character-enriching children's books.

Read about the upcoming debut of my Rupture, Repair Parenting Podcast co-hosted with Dr. Hilary Mandzik.

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