Rupture, Repair

Parenting Podcast

with co-host Dr. Hilary Mandzik








The pressure on parents is real.
You know what NOT to do.
And yet you’ve made plenty of mistakes.
We get it; we’ve been there too.

We’re here to say that the ruptures,
the struggles,
the imperfections
are a gateway to repair and connection.

Your kids don't need perfect parents --
they need real, human parents who model recovery in the face of missteps.

Because it’s the ruptures that give opportunities for grace and love and connection.

But HOW do we repair?
How do we move forward?
How do we do better the next time?


Join us as we explore the nuanced, critical process of Rupture and Repair;
We share practical strategies with compassion, humor, and faith
in your ability to repair the ruptures in your home.

We debut January 2019

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