Emotional Intelligence


patent pending

Estimated Release: March 2019

Parents, Therapists, Educators:

our role is to help children

understand and value their true potential in life.

Our thought patterns determine our sense of self, relationships, resilience,

and our overall experience of life.

Adults go through an often painstaking process to learn this lesson, and to

re-route negative patterns of thinking and behavior.

Many never learn this lesson at all...















Young people need coping strategies to filter messages, expectations, pressures, and emotional triggers in every day life.

How harmonious and fulfilling can life be:

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    hen we respond to challenges thoughtfully rather than brashly?

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    hen equanimity and emotional resilience overrides fear and anxiety?

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    hen past and present experiences don't determine our future?

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    hen we are living the way we want to live?

The ability to react and behave intentionally

can have a transformative impact on children's lives.







Understanding the potential of our brains

is key to this transformation.

40 years of neuroplasticity research proves the mind's ability to make new connections in our brain, and to change thought patterns & behavior.

I created an interactive activity that makes these important concepts easily understandable and fun for kids ages 6-17.

Psychologists and educators stress the importance of building EQ in our youth. High emotional intelligence is linked to higher levels of happiness and self-confidence, healthy relationships, better communication skills, and the ability to have self control and make healthier choices in life.









This can also be used to help children process

trauma in a constructive and positive way.


This is an activity that will grow with a child.

The level of discussion and understanding

modifies and enhances with each year.

Don't worry if you are not familiar with these concepts:

Included will be instructions that explain everything in an accessible manner for anyone who has no background in psychological education. 

Our product is currently patent pending

and will be released within coming months.

More details to come!

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Let's empower our kids from the start.

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