SKEPSI: (GR) mental activity, reflection

Let the process of reflection give you peace.

I provide resources for children and families to build emotional intelligence and resilience.

I make the latest research in family dynamics and neuroplasticity accessible and fun to help

kids and parents live more intentionally, meaningfully, and peacefully.


I want families to know:

  • Our past and present do not determine our future.

  • Our mind has the limitless capacity to change its structure and associations.

  • We can choose how we want to live.


Distractions, stress, and negative behavior patterns block us from

living, loving, & connecting the way we really want.


My soon to be released EQ activity and other projects facilitate the process of reflection

and personal empowerment for children and families

to live at their fullest potential.




I have seen a prototype of Evie's E.I. learning tool and I believe every parent, therapist, and teacher would be lucky to have this resource. I can't wait to use this in my therapy sessions with children. It makes essential concepts fun and understandable for kids.


I was given an EI Activity prototype to use with elementary school children in my classroom. I have to say: I have seen amazing results and progress in my students' behavior and interactions. Evie gets kids. I will advise parents to buy this once it's on the market.


I've heard pre-recordings of Evie and Hilary's parenting podcast. It is so helpful to get practical and research-based advice from two compassionate, intelligent Moms who know how challenging parenting can be.


Evie lectured about her research and EI product during two of my family retreats. My clients found her incredibly inspiring, and many parents told me that they are waiting for the product release. I  love Evie's passion-I always feel more hopeful and capable after being with her- I'm looking forward to many more partnerships in the future with her.

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